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Fees and Quotes

Every project is unique and varies in complexity; from a simple resume through to the most complex index, there can be no hard-and-fast fee structure that would apply to all types of work. That is why each project must firstly be assessed to determine the type and extent of work that is required to be undertaken. We both need to know where we stand before the job is started!

So, before you commit to anything, this is what I will do:

  • Meet/discuss with you to ascertain your specific requirements, including:
    • the type and extent of work to be undertaken. This could include an assessment of a few pages of the project for a nominal fee
    • negotiating a mutually agreed-to fee structure
    • negotiating a mutually agreed-to timeframe of completion and payment.
  • Submit a Business Proposal, outlining exactly what work is to be undertaken, and by when you can expect that work to be completed. 
  •  Include, with the Business Proposal, a written quotation that clearly defines the rate and method of fee calculation, whether it be on a cost-per-hour, cents-per-word, or any other mutually agreed-to basis.

The Business Proposal and Quote document will be valid for 30 days and, once accepted by you, will be firm for the life of the project, as long as no extra work is introduced. 

All payments are due 14 days after the invoice date. For larger projects, progress payments would need to be negotiated.

 A famous quote ...

'I was working on the proof of one of my poems all morning, and I took out a comma. 

In the afternoon I put it back again.'

Oscar Wilde


This is something I take very seriously! 

As a professional, all privileged information – whether it be business data, intellectual property 
or personal documentation – that is entrusted to me is treated with the respect and privacy it deserves. 
Anything less is just not good enough!

So here's my pledge to you

I will not disclose any information to anyone, unless expressly directed to by you in writing. Of course, I may have to disclose certain information 
if I'm compelled to do so by law.
All electronic files are scanned for computer viruses. I have a comprehensive virus protection system from a well-known company, 
which is updated constantly.
One month after the project is completed and final payment is received, I will contact you to advise that I intend to delete all work-related files. 
I have authentic termination software that deletes electronic copies once and for all. 
If you wish, I can provide you with a copy of your project and send it to you. 
Further, any hard copies will be shredded, or posted back to you.