Review Copy Editing & Proofreading

Here's a brief outline of the services I offer 


More than just a spellcheck, proofreading is a quality control exercise, and involves comparing the approved version of a document with the first proof, checking each word, punctuation mark and graphic element. 

A good proofreader will also check for any further spelling inconsistencies that might have been overlooked at the copy editing stage, or introduced 

since the copy edit.

Copy Editing

The primary purpose of copy editing is to remove 

errors and grammatical inconsistencies that might otherwise confuse readers, embarrass the author, 

or ruin the credibility of a publisher. 

Focus is clearly upon the finer details of the publication and is a far more detailed check than merely undertaking a proofread. 


Businesses cannot afford to have shoddy, ill-worded documentation. Today's communication must be 

fast-paced, succinct and to the point with 

no ambiguity, or waffle! 

I have extensive experience in compiling and editing business documents in a clear, plain-English format, 

and where attention to detail and accuracy are essential. Let me help you with your documents, including procedure/training manuals, business cases/plans, 

style guides, newsletters, advertising brochures/catalogues, PowerPoint presentations, reports, and policy documents.


They say that image is everything. While I'm not too sure about that, it most certainly is a very important part of everyday life. A great deal of input is undertaken throughout the publishing process into how a work or document is to be presented.
Let me be a part of this process.
With my extensive experience in compiling business presentations, and my involvement with various newsletters and publications, you will gain a valuable and committed member of your publishing team. Please contact me and we'll work together to present your image in the best possible way.
You only have one chance to create 
a lasting impression!


This process requires a great amount of collaboration and trust between the author and their editor. 

Although I do not undertake the substantiative editing that some authors require, I will ensure that your 

unique style is maintained – after all, that is what sets your work apart from all the others – and then, 

as per my field of expertise, and in full collaboration 

with you, correct your work to a high grammatical 

and style standard. 


Indexes identify information that is of interest to readers, and directs them to it efficiently. 
A good index will identify and group common concepts, and arrange them in a logical way with appropriate links to related concepts. 
Indexing is a very thorough and complex discipline,
 and requires an ordered, logical mind. 
No two indexes are identical; therefore, it is vital that there is a thorough, initial communication 
prior to commencing an index.
I will go through a set order of questions with you to determine the level and extent of the index you require.   I will ensure that your index contains relevant, 
easy-to-follow concepts that will add value 
to your publication.

Please email me for a detailed list of the tasks I will undertake for each service 

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